About me

Who Am I

Hi! Thanks for your time spent in my Blog! If you are wondering why i call my blog as ‘Jolene Yang the PocketRealtor’, it’s because I strongly believe in serving my clients to their fulfilment. My vision is to always be responsive and on call when my client needs me. Just like taking your phone from your pocket, it is so convenient and ready on the go with information to help you in whatever you require. Ultimately, my clients turn out to be awesome friends and we naturally keep in touch.

I started my working career as a music teacher from the age of 16, as a young individual entering and exiting my students’ houses, looking at different types of houses, from HDB to Landed properties. Sometimes i wonder to myself, “How does Real Estate work? If i choose to buy a property, where, what type, what design, things i should look into?”.

pasir friend

That is when i discovered that i love to socialize and network with different types of people, but not only that, as i wish to help them out in their individual situation and property plans. This lead me to start as a Singapore Property Advisor.

To constantly upgrade myself is essential. Through my 7 years of experience in the real estate industry, i realise that having knowledge in the Law will help me to serve my clients better so i decided to take up Law Studies.

Find out more with us on how our 5-Steps Advisory Process have benefited many of our clients. Share with us your plans on a complimentary meeting through zoom or face-to-face coffee session.